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Croatoan's Old Indian Town Revealed
By Mel Covey

Through modern history, the intrigue surrounding the Hatteras Indians has always been overshadowed by that which befell the earliest attempt at English colonization, and it continues today. Native American sites relevant to Croatoan’s early heritage have been routinely exploited in fervent hopes of solving one of America’s oldest mysteries at the expense of a prior civilization. While enthusiasm for the continuing search is mutual from my perspective, these findings are offered for peer review and to interested individuals primarily to facilitate the advancement of the first natives’ perspective and their legacy. With the discovery of Indian Town’s location, many possibilities were generated by the existence of a village later concealed by drifted sands borne of myopic land management practices.

Fig. 6-William Elks 1759.jpg

Figure 6 on Page 22 - William Elks’ warrant for 200 acres, “including the old Indian Town,” was the original evidence found preserved at the North Carolina Archives in Raleigh which launched the investigation. 


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